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NAME: Michael Estrellado
NICKNAME(S): Michael E, Master Pogi
CATEGORY: Organization Head
INTERESTS: drinking, girl-watching, masturbation, basketball
FAMOUS QUOTES: "ISHWAF!", "Basta! Naa lagi na, pero wa ta kahibaw!", "Hail, Hitler!", "unshwa?", "los-los!", "ayaw hilabti akong mga babae!!!"

- 2002 'Dark' Gentleman of the Year (w/o 'tall' and 'handsome')
- Winner: Most Snappy RO, CAT, and Boy Scout Cadet
- He once ran for president of the ECE council. Of course, he lost.
- This guy really doesn't want to be beaten in an argument. So, you better get used to him when he's drunk.
- has a knack for cleanliness and orderliness
- likes to listen to bands like The Beatles, Oasis, Eraserheads
- This guy plays the guitar a lot.
- has a big crush on fellow batchmate Norwenda Jurban
- has several other girls he 'owns', without them knowing about it
- A master cook, this fella was the master chef during the Bantayan island-hopping of the group. He cooked rice using seawater.
- a man with super-duper high aspirations, goals, predictions, paranoias... in other words, 'praning'
- has a tendency of suspecting prosecution ('praning'... again).
- brainwashed by the Pakistanis to kill Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
- the only known Filipino Taliban
- brainwashed with his philosophies (most of these don't apply to him)
- brainwashed by himself
2003 UPDATE:
- hay salamat. Nahimo nagyud ni cya ug Secretary sa ECE Batch 2004 Council.
2004 UPDATE:
- GF = Evanescence.. hehe
- full time boy jergens, or boy hilot.
2005 UPDATE:
- BSECE Graduate
- On Board Examination : Maybe next time. hehe
- Gabuwag na silang Evanescence dugay ra.
- Moved in with Master Sensei Glenn Rayat AKA GPR!!!

NAME: Stephen Bernales
NICKNAME(S): Papen, Don Pacondo Jose
CATEGORY: Drunk Member
INTERESTS: drinking, piktos, basketball, smoking
FAMOUS QUOTES: "bodagi", "katori'"

- This guy used to be very thin, but after years of hard work (drinking), he's two times as big as before.
- has the title of "The Drunken Master" for 3 consecutive years
- He doesn't like to be "mabitin" when drinking, so if you're drinking with him, expect him to add more drinks to the table.
- He plays basketball really well.
- He loves the new song from Madonna, "Die Another Day"- from the soundtrack of the James Bond movie.
- has a tendency of mispronouncing words (w/c gives the group a lot of laughs)
- looks like a 'daddy'
2003 UPDATE:
- soulmates ni cha-cha!!!
2004 UPDATE:
cge na ni cya workout. Dako na kau braso!
- hands over the title of "The Drunken Master" to Gil Castaneda after 4+ years! FINALLY. Thinks drinking can disrupt his figure. hehe.
2005 UPDATE:
- very busy with his design project.
- ADERS NA KAAU!!! Dili na magpahikap sa iyang nipol.
- Has a SECRET girlfriend- ambot kinsa. Wala ko kaila.

NAME: Gil Castaneda
CATEGORY: Noisy Member
INTERESTS: drinking, girl-watching, basketball, ping-pong, 3card and tong-its

This person proclaims that he looks like Piolo Pascual.
- A very noisy person, always talking and telling stupid jokes
- is known for his very long curly hair that looks like shit
- a person on top of things (including girls). Excels in basketball and table tennis.
- loves to listen to different genres of music, but his favorite is hiphop and R&B.
2003 UPDATE:
- palahubog na kaayo sa tanan.
- astronaut tirada!!! hahaha
2004 UPDATE:
- still drunk. hehe.
2005 UPDATE:
- On Board Exams: Dungan nlang ni ting. haha
- Gwafoo gihapon.

NAME: John Erwin Maloloy-on
NICKNAME(S): Maloy, John Pratts
CATEGORY: Silent Member
INTERESTS: studying, 3-card & tong-its, music, table-tennis

- The fact that he is called "John Pratts" makes him one sexy boy.
- If it weren't for this guy, we would have never had easy access to Cebu's paradise: Malapascua!
- mostly silent, but he's really a big-mouthed freak like Gil or Meo.
- he loves to play ping-pong alot.
- he adores Incubus
2003 UPDATE:
- has a new interesting friend: Michelle Bones
2004 UPDATE:
- Had a close call with MB.. hehe. I wonder why?
2005 UPDATE:
- On Board Exams : AYAW NLANG. haha
- naibog ni... COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH!!!

NAME: Joseph Glenn Galo
NICKNAME(S): Galoboy, Jogols, Ecleo
CATEGORY: Sales Department
INTERESTS: studying, business, basketball, drinking

- One of the first members of the organization
- Be very careful when you're around this guy. He's most likely to strike you a business deal and get lots of profits from it.
- He's like the forefather of the group.
- very responsible and hard-working person. Mangingilad lang.
He usually hangs out with teachers such as Sir Mapada, Sir Ceniza...
- He'll be a great businessman someday.
- tends to feel obliged to advance in courses. He likes to graduate as soon as possible.
2003 UPDATE:
- gamma, OJT, jollibee, working sa CBELS,... unsa pa man? Grabe ang kugi aning tawhana!
2004 UPDATE:
- ADVISORY: Please inform the authorities upon siting of this man. He is in hiding due to the pressure of board exams which are fast approaching...
2005 UPDATE:
- On Board Exams : SUCCESS! Certified Licensed ECE!!! Woohhooo!
- went to Dipolog to work for SMART Telecom
- utro pud ADERS kay wa gyud mi katilaw sa iyang sweldo! hehe

NAME: Gilbert Lim
NICKNAME(S): Gardo, bert1/bert2
CATEGORY: Body Slimming Department
INTERESTS: studying, drinking, basketball, chicks

This guy has huge muscles.
- most members claim he looks exactly like Gardo Versoza
- he has a tendency of turning red when drinking alcohol
- lives in the same province with Stephen
- has a huge variety of frats
- cut his long hair.
- out looking for koreanas and other girls to piktos. hehe
2005 UPDATE:
- Naa napod ni siya bag-ong palalabs. Wa pud ko kaila. Hay intawn... Magminyo nlang tang tanan!!! haha

NAME: Eubert Go
CATEGORY: Body Slimming Department
INTERESTS: studying, internet, drinking, his girlfriend, rock music

- He has a habit of being late.
- He likes to listen to Incubus.
- He used to be soo skinny, but after months of hard work-out at Slimmers in Ayala, this boy has grown big muscles.
- Basically the only chinese-filipino member of the Piktos Boys
- You most likely won't see him around too often- he's always busy
NEW GF = Sasha
- On Board Exams : SUCCESS! Certified Licensed ECE!!! Woohhooo!
- From the moon and back-- MYMY POWER! hehe
- currently works at E-Telecare Call Center

NAME: Francis Corpus
CATEGORY: Engineering Department
INTERESTS: studying, standby (in quarters)

- The owner of the Piktos House (Quarters)
- This guy is mostly silent, but wait till you get him drunk.
- He once had LBM in Malapascua.
- He organized a concert once during the Working Scholars Christmas Party. He booked tingkagol's band to play last- when there was no more audience (hehe).
- Likes to make fun of Michael E when drunk.
2003 UPDATE:
- Dawinde! hehehe... jok lang corps
2004 UPDATE:
- ADVISORY: Please inform the authorities upon siting of this man. He is in hiding due to the pressure of board exams which are fast approaching...
2005 UPDATE:
- On Board Exams: SUCCESS napud! Certified Licensed ECE!!! weeee
- in hiding in compostela. Naniguwang na tingali.. hehe. Gawas na diha CORPSE!!

NAME: Randy Caparida
CATEGORY: Motor Department
INTERESTS: studying, his motor, girls, basketball

- shares the same talent most piktos boys have- good in basketball especially in dribbling and driving the ball.
- he has a cute motorcycle that he always takes care of.
- I think this guy has a girlfriend... I don't know, a wife, maybe. :p
- likes to show-off his huge muscles (yes, this organization is filled with hunks).
2004 UPDATE:
- ADVISORY: Please inform the authorities upon siting of this man. He is in hiding due to the pressure of board exams which are fast approaching...
2005 UPDATE:
- On Board Exams: panglast.. SYARO
- in hiding... wana gyud ko kakita aning SCAB. Hoy gawas pud diha ting.

NAME: Romeo Arias
NICKNAME(S): Meo, John Meor
CATEGORY: Noisy Member
INTERESTS: chicks, basketball

- the noisiest member
- no scanned picture of him at this time
- very fond of making jokes on his fellow piktos members
- a very good basketball player
- works as a janitor in USC-Main. His duty starts at 4AM.
- has girlfriend back in his hometown in Compostela. Her name is Mafe'.
2003 UPDATE:
- on & off ni siya perme sa iyang uyab. Karon, gabuwag na gyud kuno sila. Kung magbalik napod sila ingna ko.
- nag-board na tapad sa bh ni Michael E.
- Dili na siya janitorial, he's already assigned at the chemistry/biology dept.
2004 UPDATE:
had a fling with fellow batchmate Aileen... Then went back to his girl Mafe. WA JUD KA MEO! hehe
2005 UPDATE:
- MaFE all da way! Idol!
- currently reviewing for this April's Board Exam

NAME: Dave Anton Flores
NICKNAME(S): Ting, Tingkagol, Bongol, Helmet
INTERESTS: internet, music

- uninteresting.

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